The coming merger of database marketing and digital marketing

If you ask me, the ”mobile supercookie” deserves the prize for this week’s most innovative new marketing tech term.

That being said, I was more excited to read what the Verizon-AOL merger means in terms of ad targeting, according to the same article.

It seems like yet another example of a rising trend, namely traditional database marketing and digital marketing coming together. That’s a biggie.

So firstly, in the Verizon-AOL merger you have an ad network (AOL Advertising Network), tracking your browsing behavior with something called a third-party cookie. These cookies are handy as they allow good targeting of ads. When executed well, this is good for both the advertiser and the consumer as ads become more relevant.

However, third-party cookies are also relatively easy for the consumer to block. You just adjust your browser settings. Then you’ll get only those cookies that allow you to use internet banking, ecommerce sites etc.

The bigger weakness with third-party cookies is that they track an anonymous consumer. They know what you do on the web but they don’t know who you are. This has been pretty much the norm in web analytics and marketing.

Enter the Verizon ”mobile supercookie”.

Beginning next month, instead of just the ad network, there’s also your mobile carrier tracking your web browsing. This is powerful because now it’s about an identified customer.

In addition, the browsing data will be combined with data from Verizon’s customer database, for example address, age, gender, interests, location and app usage. This opens a whole new world of opportunities for targeted marketing messages.

But, Verizon-AOL is just one example of a trend.

The world of digital marketing and that of database marketing have traditionally lived pretty much apart from each other. They have mostly been practiced by different people with different mindsets.

Now we’re increasingly seeing customer data in a company’s customer database being merged with digital marketing data which so far has been mostly non-customer-specific.

This will be the norm rather than the exception in a not-so-distant future.

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