Pekka Kanerva ran a very inspiring and stimulating webinar for a hundred members of the Finnish Business School Graduates association. The training sold out fast and got excellent feedback from a demanding audience. In addition to the fundamentals of public speaking, Pekka is able to train his audience for the more tricky situations, such as improvised speeches, elevator speeches, sales pitches, making a toast, giving feedback, and managing Q&A sessions. Pekka’s background from the business world clearly increased the impact of the training. Special thanks for the highly interactive nature of the event!

Pekka Määttä
Finnish Business School Graduates association, Helsinki Chapter, Vice Chairman of the Entrepreneur Club
Finpremium Oy / Söderberg & Partners, COO, Partner

Pekka and I have been working together for over a year. His continuous and supportive coaching has improved the impact of my sales pitches and presentations during demanding client assignments with, for instance, the European Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and the African Union Commission. Pekka’s contribution has directly helped me win new contracts and increase customer satisfaction, with a 12-times return on investment just over the 2021 summer period. Once again, many thanks, Pekka!

Guillaume Gérout
CEO, Astove Conseil, international trade policy consultants

At my previous job I was preparing for an important customer event for C-level executives as the host of the event, but felt insecure about my skills in that role. Pekka gave me valuable guidance on how to engage the speakers and the audience, how to run the event smoothly, and how to ensure that the participants would benefit from the time they invested in the event. In addition to in-depth conversations and practical advice, Pekka observed my performance at the event and gave me feedback and guidance for similar events in the future. I always find conversations with Pekka valuable, whether it’s about structured coaching or a more free-flowing exchange of ideas.

Mika Kaartinen
Senior partner, Nordic Healthcare Group

Anonymous feedback from trainings

“An excellent and entertaining presenter! I would’ve loved to listen to him longer. Hope there will be a part two of this webinar.”

“I got useful do’s and don’ts.”

“Expert in his topic and creates trust”

“The positive atmosphere kept me engaged from the beginning to the end.”

“Brilliant speaker!”