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”I like your HIV status”

Today’s news in the health data business is that Facebook is planning to enter the game.

While monetizing health data by creating health apps and communities has proven difficult for insurance companies, it won’t be a walk in the park for the other players, either.

The insurance company needs a less intimidating intermediary to inspire consumers to share their health data. Candidates for such an intermediary include Apple, Google and Facebook.

Even these companies will need to work hard to dilute consumers’ fears of their data ending up in unwanted places, whether it’s through hackers, criminals, nation-state actors – or by new business models that Apple & co will come up with in order to monetize their customers’ health data.

We can already see these new business models emerging, for example through Mayo Clinic’s announcement of their app and Apple HealthKit sharing data between them.

One of the comments to the article about Facebook summarizes the privacy challenge brilliantly: ”I like your HIV status”.